Anarchy in Puerto Rico

An update on Idle No More, the Zapatistas… and an interview with a Puerto Rican anarchist, Jorell Melendez.

Year 2013 Length 12.5 MINS

So now what?

Daniel McGowan is sprung, while up here in Klanada, Idle No More is shutting shit down.

Year 2012 Length 13 MINS

The End of THEIR World

According to some stupid fucking prophesy, the world’s about to end. Well… if we’re gonna go out, we might as well do it with a bang!

Year 2012 Length 15 MINS

Anarchy in the USA

Peeps throw down in Colorado to defend folks from eviction… plus an interview with Roger Benham of the Mutual Aid Street Medics collective about anarchist involvement in relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Year 2012 Length 15 MINS

Ride the Taco

Stim is fuckin obsessed with tacos… plus an interview with investigative journalist Dawn Paley.

Year 2012 Length 13 MINS

Countdown to Armageddon

2012 is on pace to be the hottest year ever… plus Netanyahu has a coke problem, peeps in Spain are looting supermarkets, and Stim interviews Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red.

Year 2012 Length 15 MINS

The Greek Anarchists

Stim reports on the scene from Athens, Greece, and interviews Antonis Vradis of Occupied London.

Year 2012 Length 15 MINS