14 thoughts on “Golden Dawn’s Ultra-Violence”

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  2. Daniel

    I’m here for baklava recipes? where are they.

  3. Wow. Scary about facism in Greece. It looked like they weren’t just from Greece, very violent which is so dark. Thanks for all the info Stimulator. Up with independent media! Lovin JUST DO IT. Filmmaker’s got a good point about people thinking it’s just about climate change when really they’re all part of the same machine/elite who think they can continue their evil rule, divide and conquer, constant war, et al.cuz we ain’t buyin it no more… uh uh.

  4. stimulator

    Yep scary indeed. Today I left the hotel I was staying at, cause dozens of cops like to hang there. The round out loads of immigrants and put them on buses to god knows where. On my way to my new digs I saw 3 masked men robbing a corporate convenience store. About 2 hours ago a Golden Dawn fascist showed up at this party I was out, and was chased out buy anarchists with large sticks. Things are tense.

  5. stimulator

    Actually, I was hoping y’all could give me some.

  6. Allonblack

    1. Greece seems to be going through the same motions Spain did in the 20’s. Anarchist uprising, fascist resistance to the uprising. Cheers to the Greek revolution!
    2. The NWO stuff really discredits you. Base things on known facts, not speculation. Let’s say, even if there is an illuminati, the fact is that right now, it’s not proven, therefor making it seem like you oppose injustices solely off speculation, and what might be, rather then what is.

  7. With the economic collapse of Greece (and Spain following) and this overly aggressive racism it is a perfect breeding ground for something more sinister.
    Sounds like this situation has been lifted from “The Third Reich handbook”.
    If only these moron fascists were smart enough to realize that the issue is with the state not the immigrants who merely want to make a better life for themselves.
    Now if things get worse in Spain and a similar situation kicks off there.
    Well……. yeah, you see where I’m going.
    The Middle East had their Arab Spring.
    I predict a European BBQ.

  8. stimulator

    What u mean, the rap? Yeah I don’t subscribe to the Illuminati lyrics of the track, but do like the overall dis.

  9. chris

    “If only these moron fascists were smart enough to realize that the issue is with the state not the immigrants who merely want to make a better life for themselves.”

    The fascists are not imbeciles, don’t mistake their rhetoric with their actual goal: power, and the State is the tool for power hungry people.

    “I predict a European BBQ.”

    The Arab Spring was allowed to happen if not actively supported. If there isn’t a systemic failure in the EU, there won’t be any status quo change in Greece, the rest of the States (actually the people controling them) won’t have it.

  10. Pewtergod

    Good show, man. Of course, the msm over here rarely even mentions in passing the resurgence of the neo-nazis in Europe. But they are coming out big time there again, not just in Greece.

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  13. Also, Stimulator…..I was involved in Occupy Oakland as well as most of the anti-globalization protests since 1999…..I missed WTO because they arrested me on trumped up charged while fliering for it up and down the west coast, but made most of the following ones.

    This is an article I wrote too. I hope to change to a more URL friendly version when I get time to make changes.


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