17 thoughts on “Battleground Montreal”

  1. bally

    we miss ur show, hurry on home n make some more xx

  2. bally

    they blocked it in u tube, works from here but not from u tube subscription ;-(

  3. thrash4ever

    Song at the end is utterly retarded. “Oi! I said Oi!” – yerwhat? There is more creativity in the nuggets of turd in my toilet than these “ghetto gangster” wannabe-photoshopped-wankers. Hey, I think that was a rap?!

    Otherwise: nice, as usual!

  4. stimulator

    Yeah just click the little sideways “V” symbol.

  5. Voidkom

    It’s a critique of the reactions of middle class people towards the UK lootings. It has nothing to do with “creativity” or looking “ghetto gangster”.

  6. Hey stimulator, I think you got blamed for the Cleveland 5, either that or acknowledged as awesome.

    “Michael Sykes, Eric McDavid, the Cleveland Anarchy Bridge! 5 (which are from now on dubbed the anti-hipster anarchists), the five more just arrested in Chicago at NATO – they will keep coming, more and more radicalized malcontents, a new generation of American born anarcho-bombers, at first apolitical or lefty goths/punks/metalheads/nerds who watched riot videos on submedia.tv and V for Vendetta, listen to Johnny Hobo, read some anarchistnews.org and realized that this life is shit and they choose to burn it up. We can’t stop these kids from exploding and burning their enemies (why would we want to?), but we can throw a wrench in the works and fuck up the State’s ability to keep locking up our young Fire Starters by actively confronting their obviously clear infiltration strategies.”

    you should post this on the site in full, JZ mentioned it on his radio show it’s pretty good.


  7. stimulator

    Haha! Will look for the Anarchy Radio audio. This week I take it?

  8. ToddV

    Just one small issue with your reporting – these aren’t tuition hikes, these are subsidy reductions. That isn’t semantics – one indicates an additional cost (a hike) the other indicates that the cost will no longer be born by the collective (reduced subsidy). Accuracy is still better than truthiness.

  9. stimulator

    Thanks for the correction. I’ll try harder next time.

  10. Marin

    Glad you’re back dude.

  11. Benjamin

    awesome but i have a suggestion.

    just be like the nightly news: show the biggest most important thing first that every wants to see—then show the other stuff.

    you should’ve started with quebec.

    also more riot footage please. i fucking love it—no i really really FUCKING love it man. it gets me jacked!!!

  12. MEDIC!!!!

    Where can I find the song at the end?

  13. zzzzz

    thanks for the postcard! keep it up keep it up make it hot make it hot

  14. machin


    What’s the music we can hear when the guy shouts “run motherfucker” at 4:20 ?

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