Black Bloc: The Cancer of the System

This Week:
1. On May first call in sick
2. How to become a ninja
3. The biggest strike in history
4. Wheelchair resistance!
5. 100,000 student strike
6. A call to arms

Special musical guest: Ant Loc



7 thoughts on “Black Bloc: The Cancer of the System”

  1. x4nx

    LOL! Take it back y’all!

  2. carl gimbic

    no download links lately?

  3. J-Dilla

    Another great episode. Who were the artists at the end of the vid?

  4. stimulator

    Ain’t it dope? It’s Ant Loc – see link in description.

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  6. Anan

    “…a black bloc, if you may…”
    ha, take that C. hedges!

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