How to overthrow the Government

Some sweet riot porn from Kyrgyzstan, plus an interview with Gord Hill, author of 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance.

Year 2010 Length 16 MINS

Poor fuckin Earth

The unmasking of Subcommandante Marcos, plus an interview with US squatter Steven Dicaprio.

Year 2010 Length 12.5 MINS

Shut your pie hole

A look at the anarchist practice of pieing, plus an interview with Lierre Keith.

Year 2010 Length 11.5 MINS

Occupy Vancouver

A look at the Vancouver tent city occupation, part of the broader anti-Olympic revolt, featuring an interview with Harsha Walia.

Year 2010 Length 15 MINS

The Five Cockrings Died

A look back at the 2010 anti-Olympic resistance in Vancouver, featuring an epic speech by Gord Hill.

Year 2010 Length 19 MINS

The Olympigs are here!

The militarized swine have started to arrive in Van-shitty for the 5 cockrings of death, plus an interview with Steevi, Tashdon & Vie, three students involved in recent university occupations in Cali.

Year 2010 Length 11 MINS

My predictions for 2010

Stim busts out his magic crystal balls and gives us his predictions for 2010.

Year 2010 Length 10 MINS

Plan C: Life after Cop15

Some hard truths about what’s needed to avoid climate catastrophe… plus an interview with Marla Renn from the Olympic Resistance Network.

Year 2009 Length 11 MINS