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  2. Zoe Blunt

    Awesome! Took you an hour to climb up there, eh? Those monkeys make it look easy! I still wanna know, how the fuck did you manage to fall? Were you roped in? Did anyone film it?? :->

  3. Hey Zoe, I instinctively grabbed onto the “brake” when I started to pick up speed and I accelerated onto a big “mattress” like soft forest floor. I really thought I had died.

  4. merethan

    Pollution & destruction of the planet is NOT the same as Global warming.

    The first one is a major problem. Corporations aren’t selected on how well they serve the planet and all it’s life on it, but on how well they generate profit. A little design flaw which might turn out to be an awful one, as the top-100 biggest economical (and so political) forces in the world is over the half crowded with corporations.

    The second one however is in my opinion quite a lie. Well, in it’s current form. I’m not really denying a global warming. I mean, until 1998 the earth did warm up. Al Gore’s nice graphs don’t stop at ~2000 for no reason. But like the tide of the ocean it is now going back. IPCC’s “climate models” turned out to be a fraud already (the leak, you know) and yet still no one dares to compare “the consensus” backed by those computer models to the current situation.

    The most funny example of this was in my local newspaper. The front page has an article on Copenhagen’s “Global Warming summit” with next to it the weather forecast; stay home if you can. More snow expected which is likely to disrupt public transport and road traffic even more then it already does.

    And still, no one dares to ask the obvious.

    grtz from Holland.
    (yeah >20cm of snow is nothing for places like Canada, but in here, it is quite unique. Like, not seen for ~20 years. Or not much, at the very least.)

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