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  1. You are a fucking idiot Stimulator.. Fucking Clown Shoes…

    Climatic Research Unit Hacked E Mails & Data

    This archive presents over 120Mb of emails, documents, computer code and models from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, written between 1996 and 2009.
    The CRU has told the BBC that the files were obtained by a computer hacker 3-4 days ago.
    This archive includes unreleased global temperature analysis computer source code that has been the subject of Freedom of Information Act requests.
    The archive appears to be a collection of information put together by the CRU prior to a FoI redaction process.

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  2. right on Stim, that was freakin excellent. you hit the nail right on the head. expect the typical reactionary backlash. i see scumpit has already delivered.

  3. remarcus

    scrumpet, took that a little personal, eh?

    prisonplanet/infowars research aside, claiming these e-mails as proof of massive collusion by lizard controlled scientists is a bit over the top, ya think?

    get over it, go outside and get some fresh air. oh, wait a minute, you may not be able to.

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  5. fishbones

    fuck alex jones

  6. BAM

    seriously peeps i hope this is the last time the stimulator gives these idiot fucking climate deniers the time of day.


  7. Alleluia

    There should be no carbon taxe, ever!, there should be only definitive shut down of any motherfuck’poration that does not respect our massive goals. CLOSED FOR BULLSHITTING.

    And we have the right to blow them up.

    PS: Alex Jones has no style.

  8. Alleluia

    hAHA is the last southpark about Alex Jones also ? hahAHAHAH

  9. curiousity

    Thanks scrumpit for assisting me overcome inertia to register for adding comments.

    People acting like armchair scientists is exceedingly prevalent these days. People don’t want to do the research, read the peer-reviewed papers (that’s the gold standard), and assess their source with critical thinking. It’s understandable. We all have different interests and different level of access to resources. But that doesn’t excuse acting like an expert when one shouldn’t. We are all guilty of this from time to time – the trick is to try to be more mindful and less concrete in ones verbiage.

    There was a fantastic video by Richard Dreyfuss, who is now a research advisor at Oxford, about the need to relearn the tools of reason, logic, clarity, dissent, civility, and debate. He is specifically addressing the political climate in the US, but people tend to not use these qualities when having discussions about anything that involves emotion.

    Here is a video of Richard Feynman being asked by an interviewer about magnetism and his response about the difficulty in explaining the question “why?” This explains why the climate researchers were trying to figure out how to explain their research. “Trick” is the term uses in one of your links, but even that that same article it is explained that this word is simply referring to clever ways of explaining this issue to laymen.

    A very nice video summing up the factors affecting global warming explained at a laymen level.

  10. blackops

    thank you so much for nailing alex jones. I’m amazed that anyone buys into his shit. well… not really: his fans have seen too many episodes of the X-Files and simply cannot handle any explanation for Life unless it’s borderline supernatural like a Hollywood movie.

    I have friends that spent many lonnnnnng years getting doctorates at Harvard or MIT, and I completely respect them and the critical thought they possess. So when asshats like Jones and his cretin fans write them off because of “proof” found on the internet, I vomit in shame for humanity.

    and, my 2 cents on global warming: you don’t need a degree from MIT to notice it’s happening. in fact, it’s so obvious, I’m even more ashamed of humanity when I see ANYONE deny it! look around you and tell me again that humans haven’t had any effect on the Earth!

    oh, and really nice Cheech & Chong insert!

    keep up the great work!

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  12. cal5000

    Alex Jones is a retarded hack who ripped off Bill Cooper, the guy who actually predicted 9/11 before 9/11 and before Alex Jones.

    Only the cops shot Bill Cooper soon after because he was the real deal.

    Alex Jones is a hardcore Christian as well as a fake “freedom fighter”–good luck with that nutcase.

  13. JamesAnubis

    Jones, Okay I’m a fan, he’s entertaining and certainly more so than watching the local news. He’s a bit evangelical and I’m sure his fans that tune in daily for 3 hrs of his rants can’t be any worse than the Obamaniacs – or whatever the flavor-aide imbibers are calling themselves these days. Anywho – I’m new to your site and have not recently awoken from a coma, just simply stumbled upon it looking for people that posted anything debating Mr. Jones. Love the posts, love your style, and I’ll continue tuning-in.

    Whomever is to blame for Climate Change – a Carbon Tax is certainly more dangerous to humanity than a few less Polar Bears, or even no Polar Bears.

  14. wilderplain

    What was that clip at the beginning of the segment?

  15. The clip is from a really bad movie called ‘Hackers’

  16. Yep, I’m not down with the carbon tax or any type of tax for that matter. Also not down with Gore or Obama, just watch old episodes and you’ll see. Jones is certainly info-tainment, but I’ve met many who take his word as bond and that’s not good. We need real solutions like taking the whole system out.

  17. Man I had so much fun making this episode I almost watched “up in smoke” in its entirety. Those fuckers are genius!

  18. mikedotexe

    it’s a bad idea to divide an “us and them” among the resistance, fragmentation is not a good plan.

    I have to disagree with the Stim on this one, for the first time.
    Alex Jones, while he’s nutty, is not doing his work for money. He’s trying to get the word out. His movies have compiled the best back-to-back collection of footage to give an accurate worldview about the USA, and how there seems to be a continuity of policy no matter which president is elected. In short – his work has opened the eyes to many people, and we’re still on the same team.

    again: it’s a bad idea to divide an “us and them” among the resistance, fragmentation is not a good plan.

  19. blackops

    sorry, mikedotexe, but I disagree. losing the jones fear-mongering contingent is not dividing the resistance at all! it’s losing the fat so that the rest of us can get the real work done. jones and his fans are a capitalist/consumerist machine based on too many episodes of the X Files, simple as that. his fans will buy any DVD-R turd jones craps out (and boy, does he crap them out!!). he IS in it for the money, and the fame and attention. But, outside of fear, what does he bring to the table? zilch.

  20. merethan

    Forget the green lizards, but a new tool to keep developing countries just that would be nice, right? Colonial exploitation 2.0. Or are we at 3.0 already? Who cares. That’s right, politicians do. Their only interest is again an another tool to distribute wealth. Since just about everything we do has something to do with co2, putting a cap on it limits almost all our activity. Make it tradeable and the credit banks have yet an another market based on thin air to speculate on, bring down economies etc.


    Now go fight for it. (In other words: Be an useful idiot)

  21. merethan

    For those who might think I don’t get enough fresh air or fail to look out of the window or something: This evening I’ve been playing around in what is dubbed “one of the worst snowfalls in the last twenty years” or so. I’ve been drifting and sliding around on my pedal-powered trike until I was completely exhausted. That took an hour or two.

    >20cm (some places >35cm) of “sneeuw” is quite unique in the Netherlands. Not seen for quite some time.

    Global warming is on a winter sleep apparently.

  22. Alleluia

    To much snow does not mean it’s not globally warming up. Freezing of whole lands is a side effect.

    I translated this review into French. I went a bit crazy after a while doing this mecanic task, what leads to sometime non-real translation, specially on the poetic lyrics of Johnny Rotten. 🙂 **

  23. mbegley

    Go back to Mexico and wash out your trash mouth, beaner…

  24. stimulator

    Sorry, I meant to wipe my mouth after eating that plate of pintos. Any good bean dishes near Cincinnati?

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