10 thoughts on “Plan C: Life After COP15”

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  4. merethan

    Kinda funny to see a kid torch SUV’s “to save the planet”.

    Really, if the level of energy usage is the problem, show some compassion with the planet and kill yourself right now, idiot. That will save a lot of energy.

    With a little thinking one can see that the amount of energy we use isn’t the problem. The problem is where we get it from. If all cars ran on a sustainable/eco-friendly and abundantly available power source, nobody would give a fuck about people moving around in castles on wheels. (Well, from the eco perspective. There’s also pedestrian/cyclist safety.)

    It ain’t rocket science to yank out that V8 powerblock and put back in a 3-phase 150HP electric motor. In other words: That pickup truck was perfectly reusable. Well, until our kiddo torched it.

    Having your car move around is not the only thing that costs a lot of energy. Building it takes phenomenal amounts of energy too. So kiddo destroyed a perfectly fine chassis which will take phenomenal amounts of energy to replace with a new one, while only the engine was “bad”.

    Thank you for saving the planet and giving anarchy such a good name, kiddo.

  5. The torching of the trucks was a way to bring attention to the problem, not necessarily solve it. Yeah, it might seem misguided to you, but it took a heck of a lot of courage to do what he did, so please don’t shit on him. Jeff destroyed more than a perfectly good chassis, he destroyed the illusion that businesses can sell destructive products and not face the consequences.

    Even if the truck was electric the electricity needs to come from some other form of energy. In the US, it would be coal (more CO2) and Hydro (decimate fish populations) so any way you slice it, cars need to go.

  6. Note that my comment stated “a sustainable/eco-friendly and abundantly available power source”.
    Electricity can come from plenty of sources. Your continent is filled with a lot of almost empty desert and the sun shines for free. Build a couple of solar-powered energy plants and everybody can drive whatever they like.
    In Spain they are already doing it.

    But before that’s gonna happen you have to get rid of a multi-trillion industry which wants to make multi-billion profits out of the last drips of oil. Torching truck’s ain’t gonna help.

    Quite the opposite. As I said, building one takes a lot of energy. No business is hurt in any way. With the possible exception of the insurance company. Or the person who owned the truck. But certainly not the truck builder or oil/coal corporations.

    Nice he has the balls to make such a statement. But he fails to offer a solution/alternative. And no, driving a smaller car doesn’t solve the problem. Only pushes the moment of execution ahead.

  7. What I wanted to say with my first sentence in my previous comment is that electricity is just an example. As is my proposal for generating it.

    There are plenty of ways to harvest energy from sustainable sources and who knows what we might invent in the future and what has already been invented in the past.

    Ergo: The amount/level of usage is not the problem. Where and how we harvest it, is.

  8. beeblebrox

    Thank you Stimulator for another year of great stimulus. You fucking rock! If I wasn’t such a broke ass loser, I’d send some fucking $ your way right now… But alas, I am and therefore I can’t. Keep up the good work anyway (pretty please)… maybe next year I’ll be a slightly less broke ass loser and I’ll actually send you some fucking funds!

  9. deleteallfiles

    epic thought grenade stim.

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  10. deleteallfiles

    epic thought grenade stim.

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