The Stimulator

An archive spanning twelve years of dispatches from our foul-mouthed former news anchor.
RIP Stim!

The Coming Intifada

A closer look at the Israeli colonial occupation of Palestine, featuring an interview with Rami Zurayk.

How to Overthrow the Government

Some sweet riot porn from Kyrgyzstan, plus an interview with Gord Hill, author of 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance.

Poor Fuckin’ Earth

The unmasking of Subcommandante Marcos, plus an interview with US squatter Steven Dicaprio.

Shut Your Pie Hole

A look at the anarchist practice of pieing, plus an interview with Lierre Keith.

Occupy Vancouver

A look at the Vancouver tent city occupation, part of the broader anti-Olympic revolt, featuring an interview with Harsha Walia.

The Five Cockrings Died

A look back at the 2010 anti-Olympic resistance in Vancouver, featuring an epic speech by Gord Hill.

The Olympigs are Here!

The militarized swine have started to arrive in Van-shitty for the 5 cockrings of death — plus an interview with Steevi, Tashdon & Vie, three students involved in recent university occupations in Cali.

Meltdown 2010: A Pre-Lube to the Olympic Resistance!

A look forward to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, a farewell to Howard Zinn, and an interview with radical sports writer Dave Zirin.

My Predictions for 2010

Stim busts out his magic crystal balls and gives us his predictions for 2010.

Plan C: Life After COP15

Some hard truths about what’s needed to avoid climate catastrophe … plus an interview with Marla Renn from the Olympic Resistance Network.

Never Trust a Cop: Special Report From Copenhagen

Stim’s report on the COP15 protests in Copenhagen.

12 Monkeys

Greek riots on the first anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigopoulous … plus an interview with Jacque, a forest defender from Humboldt Earth First!.

The Stimulator vs. Alex Jones

Stim takes a moment to debunk right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Fighting Fascism

Pigs have been harassing anti-Olympic organizers in Van-shitty, fucks up on its branding, plus an interview with Derrick Jensen.

What the Po’?

Peeps throw down against the G20 in Pittsburgh, students at UC Santa Cruz occupy their buildings … plus an interview with Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue.

Sabotaging Capitalism

A look at direct action against oil and natural gas infrastructure, plus an interview with Chris Arsenault on the mothafuckin’ Tar Sands.

Super Soak the Olympic Torch

A look at Obama’s plans in Colombia, repression in Honduras, plus an interview with Gord Hill of the Olympic Resistance Network.

Blame Canada

A look at bombings of natural gas pipelines in Dawson, so-called “BC,” plus an interview with MacDonald Stainsby on the mothafuckin’ tar sands.

Oh Bummer

Change you can’t believe in … plus an interview with Derrick Jensen.

The Present Insurrection

EnCana pipelines keep getting bombed, and nobody knows whodunnit. Plus an interview with a movement lawyer.


A look at Iran’s so-called “Green Revolution,” plus an interview with Bruce Beavers, a resident of the Nickelsville tent city.