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  1. djmphan


    David Cross

    While you are on the subject of Bill Hicks and amazing political comedians, check out David Cross. He is absolutely incredible, after listing to his stuff, you will have a hard time listening to anyone else. He is so on par with all of your opinions its incredible. He has 3 albums so far, the post 9/11 one is especially heavy on the political bashing.

    Cheers from Canada!

  2. derjuggernaut911

  3. derjuggernaut911

    your right, we need to set aside are petty deferences and work together to fight this
    revolution together. once we unite we will be unstoppable and we will hang those capitalist high.

    another mistake we make is the strategy behind our direct action. we’re trying to hit to few people. we need to choose a certain area of North America (i assume we’re starting in North America) and concentrate all of our efforts there until that area is liberated then move on to other areas. we are to few in numbers to be so thinly distributed.

    we also need to actively seek new recruits for our cause, i like many of us stumbled upon this anti-fascist revolution. i mean why can’t we go door to door in the poor parts of our towns handing out literature and talking one on one with people. the impoverished will be the most likely to support us.

    i can’t wait to hear back from you. oh, ans always remember ” better to die standing, stand to live on your knees”

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