2 thoughts on “Tha Muthafuckin’ Tar Sands”

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  2. let’s get something straight…
    this is extortion.

    They’re gonna squeeze until **every nation’s people have coughed up their resource rights**…

    at that point, the privatized security or deluded cops will be told that we’re ‘terrorists’ for interfering with the ‘national economy’.

    yup. The same sorts of crap that’s been going on in say… Columbia. or the training going on in the US Congress-funded WHINSEC. or BlackWater.

    when we’ve NOTHING LEFT TO GIVE THEM BUT OUR COMPLIANCE, how exactly will be rate respect or human rights?

    … take a long look at Paris Hilton… does the Ownership Class care about us? or do they find us vaguely repugnant?

    Think about Marie Antoinette’s Versailles ‘Hobby Hamlet’ or Dubai… & you’re not far off…

    at our best, we’re cute & adoptable.
    at our worst, we’re green or peacenik ‘insurrectionists’ that get in the way of their profits.

    I recall last year’s Paris Transit (which included ballerinas & more, BTW) where I spent 2 hours in a queue at the Gare du Nord for a cab… queued with a chatty & dapper French-Algerian financier who told me that the problem with ‘the People’ was that the **cops weren’t sent out to drag the unionists into the street in the middle of the night & slit their throats for slowing down business**.

    Now, in 1961, the Paris cops tossed HUNDREDS of Algerian bodies into the Seine where they *oops* forgot they floated, or hoped to scare the hell out of non-corporate citizens.

    This wasn’t even *close* to the first time a ‘modern, ‘democratic’ & “civilized nation”‘ has resorted to mass murder or violence against citizenry. The Algerians were once *mass asphyxiated* by the French… which even disgusted French citizens in 1840 &

    But I find it telling that a French-Algerian would take on the mantel of their abuser to justify getting a piece of the action for themselves.

    I *love* France & Québec… that’s why I attended a French-Canadian immersion university. But my point is that… even with a history of abuse **against one’s own cultural group** a greedy or frightened person can be likely to identify with the Abuser. just like a beaten child will cling to the Abusing Parent rather than the Enabler or Parental Victim.

    why? because when we’ve no courage to stand, or feel we stand ALONE against injustice… we’re more likely to seek a powerful protector.

    So if we feel we have no CULTURE or no COMMUNITY… we’re more likely to believe a CORPORATION will ‘care for us’ rather than our self-determined governments or community.

    Spread Love, not Corporate Dependence

    BlueBerry Pick’n
    can be found @
    “…tolerance of intolerance is cowardice… ” ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
    We, two, form a Multitude” ~ Ovid.
    Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced
    Do no harm

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