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  1. bodhidharma

    Hate the rap, but love the info and sentiment. Info about what’s really happening in the world is so important today, with the straight media all being controlled by a handful of neocons. Great job on END:CIV.
    A request: How about playing some Micheal Franti and Spearhead?

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  3. ALF

    quick correction, its 300 THOUSAND public sector jobs that are going.

  4. Anti-Gaddafi? How mainstream is that? Gaddafi and the legitimate Libyan government made huge investments in basic infrastructure and economic development for the benefit of all Libyans. (see Great Man Made River Project)
    The CIA and SIS inspired Libyan Bay of Pigs co-opted the legitimate protest movement on the Arab street that stemmed from high unemployment, stagnant wages and rapidly rising food prices. Libya was without a doubt the best country in Africa to live and was on the brink of real economic progress for all Libyans. The concept of Gaddafi as a brutal dictator is ludicrous. The NATO power grab is about securing oil access prior to another pre-emptive war in Iran, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

  5. stimulator

    It’s obvious that the US and NATO are in Lybia not for the people but for the oil. But it’s undeniable that Gaddafi is a dictator who stifles free speech and who doesn’t hesitate to use violence to put down protests. To deny that is ludicrous.

  6. Without any doubt Gaddafi is a dictator that should be judged (and obviously condemned) by his crimes against his own people.
    But all this “help” argued by avoiding the massacre of Libyan people by their dictator – only being there because now, all of a sudden, they agree with democratic elections and freedom of speech – it’s just a big hypocrisy. NATO isn’t doing anything about the other dictatorships in Africa and Persian Gulf. Point here is that there are many dictators some enemies and other friends depending the relationship status they’re having with bossy global economic regime. Bahrain for example… have you seen the images of the executions during the protests?

  7. llosh

    whats the name of the dub-step (in the riot porn) artist?

  8. stimulator

    I am not disputing the hypocrisy of NATO and the US. But the situation is not so cut and dry. The rebels seem to be welcoming the help and I understand but yet it makes me uneasy. If my peeps were being slaughtered I wouldn’t deny a little extra muscle to stave off their murder. Would you?

  9. llosh

    haaa, downlink. its hard to read in lo-def

  10. xcris

    hey, whats that music? i cant read that shit at the end of your vid… sorry

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