END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?”

The causes underlying the collapse of civilizations are usually traced to the overuse of resources. As we write this, the world is reeling from economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. Every day, the headlines re-hash stories of scandal and betrayal of the public trust. We don’t have to make outraged demands for the end of the current global system — it seems to be coming apart already.

But acts of courage, compassion, and altruism abound, even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future.

Backed by Jensen’s narrative, the film calls on us to act as if we truly love this land. The film trips along at a brisk pace, using music, archival footage, motion graphics, animation, slapstick, and satire to deconstruct the global economic system, even as it implodes around us. END:CIV illustrates first-person stories of sacrifice and heroism with intense, emotionally-charged images that match Jensen’s poetic and intuitive approach. Scenes shot in the backcountry provide interludes of breathtaking natural beauty alongside clear-cut evidence of horrific but commonplace destruction.

END:CIV features interviews with Paul Watson, Waziyatawin, Gord Hill, Michael Becker, Peter Gelderloos, Lierre Keith, James Howard Kunstler, Stephanie McMillan, Qwatsinas, Rod Coronado, John Zerzan, and more.

“A fierce critique of systematic violence and industrial civilization, End: Civ is not intended for garden-variety environmentalists. If you are anywhere below, say, an 8 on that sliding scale of pissed off, then this film is going to scare you — which means you should watch it.”
-Eugene Weekly

.”A tour de force film from Franklin López which does more than justice to Derrick Jensen’s thesis that industrial civilization is destroying life on the planet. Employing all the contemporary audiovisual techniques our digital world makes possible for a single brilliant penurious filmmaker, López harvests sounds and images from our demented world to relentlessly show the rape of the mind and the earth. To those outside the small choir who see the message of resistance as obvious, this powerful film makes them deal with it either by denial or acknowledging, yes I see it is obvious.”

James Becket
-Director of The Best Revenge

“Franklin Lopez is a fantastically talented filmmaker, who has created a powerful and important film about the most important topic ever: how to stop this culture from killing the planet.”
-Derrick Jensen, Author of Endgame

“By far the most routinely praised contemporary media activist is Franklin López. His shows and films not only possess a distinctive look and feel, but they also contain a wicked sense of humor that is often sorely lacking among alter-globalization activists. López’s work engages in constructing a new vision where popular culture serves the interests of the poor and dispossessed, where humor is reignited within activism, and the D.I.Y. ethics of punk and hip-hop allow those with talent and gumption to be the media, once again.”
-Chris Robé, Pop Matters

“Franklin Lopez’ END:CIV is a labour of love, a stunning 75 minutes film…”
John Zerzan, author of Future Primitive

“It brought me to tears…” “I recommend it to people”
-Alex Smith, Host of Radio Ecoshock

“Franklin Lopez’s END:CIV project is awesome.”
-Shannon Walsh, Director of H2Oil

“Both the quantity and the quality of this movement’s filmmaking is increasing. This is the big battlefield on which we fight right now.”
-Michael Rupert, CollapseNet.com

19 thoughts on “END:CIV – FULL DOC”

  1. LaRena

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have been waiting for what seems like forever. You guys are my heroes keep spreading the truth!

  2. anon


    very nice work!
    where can i download it with subtitles?

  3. stimulator

    Choose the language from the front page – http://endciv.com and then click on the download link

  4. J. Random Hacker

    Is there a torrent somewhere?

  5. stimulator

    Go to http://endciv.com click on your preferred language and there should be a download link.

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  7. Ashley

    That new poster is awesome. 🙂

  8. poppaWheelie

    props from troy NY! thanks for releasing this I will be spreading it around!

  9. Hey, there is no Portuguese?!?!?
    Please add it. 😉

  10. Dear Franklin,

    Liked much your documentary. Congratulations for it and thanks very much for it. We need more good things as this, so keep on going!!
    I have some observations to its content. And here they are:
    The very first animal domesticated by humans was another human. We are domesticated. And “civilization” is both the result of that domestication and the process of domestication itself.
    I confess that I am a bit skeptical about the social conflit mentioned on the documentary. And why you may ask? Well, because humans are animals that have fears and were taught to fear death and pain. Society was trained to be soft…
    Then there’s also other thing the amount of population (increasing) and the multiplicity of cultures. If we are talking about end the world civilization then how to reunite social global conflit with such a multiplicity of cultures, opinions, ideas, wishes, and even fears. How to tell to a chinese that western civilization took the wrong steps long time ago? I think this is an important question. Because there are different states. Otherwise it’s not collapse of this global (economized) civilization but one little part of it. And, like a weed you cut, it grows again and comes back all the time.
    We, civilization, act like parasites, we live like ticks sucking blood and multiplying and exploring other ticks to multiply more. To kill one, or many, or to kill the hostage won’t kill them all forever. First we must learn how not to behave as those ticks.
    In a more Darwinistic view we are not much different then any other species in this planet. As much resources there will be any specie will waste it till its over and reproduce. When the resources are over the population decreases. What happens now in the World is that because of the oil and advances in technology and science we live better and in general die less. After the peak resources the population decreases. In Europe population is already decreasing, and in countries like China, and India will happen that one day too. It’s a question of arithmetics.
    Well… what can we do then? Maybe join ALF, or ELF, or Anonymous, whatever… Or… maybe the voluntary Human Extintion Movement.

    Watch this guy’s videos:


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