This is Athens

A personal account of my short visit to Athens, Greece. My initial intent was to do a report on the anarchist neighbourhood assemblies. Truth be told this task was more challenging than I expected. Few within the neighbourhood assembly scene agreed to be video taped or photographed for fear of retaliation by the police, their employers and fascists. I was also made aware of the troubling hardships undocumented immigrants and their supporters face, the rise of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn, and the role of the police in suppressing social struggles. This piece is only a snapshot of the complex situation of a country in a state of “civil war.” and how anarchists are reacting to it.

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Este video recuenta la visión personal del autor en su visita inicial a Atenas, Grecia. La intención inicial era realizar un reportaje sobre las asambleas en los barrios anarquistas. Esta tarea fue más complicada de lo que el realizador esperaba, ya que pocos en las asambleas barriales aceptaron ser filmados o fotografiados, temerosos de las represalias de la policía, de sus empleadores o de los grupos fascistas. El documental retrata también el problema de los inmigrantes y de la gente que solidariza con ellos al enfrentar el auge de los movimientos neo nazis como “Golden Dawn”, así como el rol de la policía en oprimir las luchas sociales. Este video es solo una pequeña captura de la compleja situación en un país en un estado de “guerra civil”, y de como los anarquistas reaccionan a esto.


Un récit personnel de ma courte visite à Athènes en Grèce. Mon objectif était de documenter les assemblées populaire de quartier anarchistes. À dire vrai cette tâche était plus difficile que je ne le pensais. Peu de gens dans participants aux assemblées de quartier ont accepté d’être filmé ou photographié par crainte de représailles de la police, d’un employeur ou des fascistes. J’ai appris le parcours difficile des immigrants sans-papiers et de leur allié-e-s, la monté du parti néo-nazi Aube Dorée et le rôle de la police dans la répression des mouvements sociaux. Ce reportage n’est qu’une prise de vue instantané sur une situation complexe d’un pays dans un état de «guerre civile» et comment les anarchistes interagissent avec cette situation.

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  1. Steve

    I love your show Franklin.
    Very informative and interesting history very diferent story to corporate media coverage. It realy showed the comitment of the comunity twords its young members and the values of Anarchists. great piece!

    I want to reinforce my apreciation for your previous formula that used humor followed up the tension with music one group/persons solutions to one of the many problems. In USA/canada? People are struggleing haveing found out they have lived a lie and not knowing what is worth fighting for? Were do we even go from here?

    Insecurity is a mighty uncomfortable place for those who have had relative security the majority of their lives. If the sheeple dont see other more possitive paths? I think the Facsists count on people to make a right turn because they offer the simpler answer the instant gratification of myth to sooth the insecurity.

    Note: that the 60s left hiearchal groups were good at recruiting people when they gathered and showed the type of footage we offer people. there were often someone, groups/people signing people up to join x group or have the oportunity to direct peoples money or further action in a comunity. How do we do the same in a non hiarchal formula? perhaps by showing the many cooperative solutions to societies flaws.Direct them to groups like Ocupy in your own area etc.
    Put at the end of piece a Food Not Bombs add or show other positive sides of Anarchist Organizations or tribal stories of solutions etc. I would not stop what you are doing but I am mostly a lone anarchist in my comunity and I would like my many wonderful friends to see another way from another point of view other than my rantings. You are so creative in your presentation. You are truly a video Ninja! Cheers compadre! We can do better for you next time your in Seatown. Oh check out if I havent already sent this:

  2. Excellent and moving stuff… as usual!

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  4. Dimitris

    Nice work mate, I can vouch for what’s been said in the video. If you ever come by Thessaloniki, send me a line, I’ll try to arrange so you can film some extra scenes that you can’t film in Athens. Here tensions aren’t that high as down there so people are more relaxed.

    Keep it up

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