ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)

This week

1. Rodney King RIP
2. The Mighty Pigs
3. Mining for Resistance
4. Burning Barricades
5. Red Square Army
6. No lock for chilean cops
7. The Cleveland 4
8. Cascadia FBI Attack
9. Rap Al Despertar
10. School’s out for Autumn – CALL FOR CONVERGENCE!

8 thoughts on “ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)”

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  2. Red

    What song is playing during the Madrid footage?


  3. No Brakes

    What about ATL? July 27th, 2012: March in Atlanta in solidarity with Anaheim and four other cities to shed light on recent police brutality. Three unarmed black males were shot by ATL police within a 36-hour period in unrelated cases. There was a media blackout on the mass show of force: about 250 cops for a group of about 50. 4 people were arrested, all of them are now out.

  4. stimulator

    Can you send more info?

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  6. AnArChY_FaN

    Hey plz can anyone tell me the name of that soundtrack in the background between 6:30 to 13:00 many thx

  7. AnArChY_FaN

    what song is played in the background during the canadian student rep interview? thx

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