3 thoughts on “The Last Episode of “It’s the End of the World …””

  1. derjuggernaut911

    i was expecting some thing about the Russian Georgian conflict. i wanted to get your opinion.

  2. Yeah, so much to fuckin cover, so little time. My opinion, well, the truth, in short, it’s part of the ongoing resource wars ie OIL

  3. Private F Surfer

    What a shit storm.Oil (energy) of any type that can be centrally controlled is the game plan.If you stop mailing the checks monthly how can the rich game the fixed system? The West tried to buy the Georgian Government and they did. Russia went old school and sent in the tanks and now has told GW to slam it on the table! Sorry kiddies GW will not even reach over the lip of the table.Bombing children of third and fourth world countries is all he has the balls for.Russia will get the energy pipeline in that part of the world. GW will eat shit and back off.The dollar will keep dropping and the markets will keep going up until they drop to less than ZERO! Enjoy the ride.Everyone has a ticket.Look forward to the coming douche bag show in Denver.

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