DNC Dispatch #1

August 24, DNC Rebellion Coverage

1. Climate Camp UK
2. Larry Holmes
3. Ward Churchill
4. Fox News Smackdown
5. Dead Prez Live
6. Racist Denver Cops
7. Gitmo on the Platte


6 thoughts on “DNC Dispatch #1”

  1. dieselby

    Hey, what the fuck are those guys doing on the steps beneath where Dead Prez and Churchill and everyone made noise? Are they seriously pulling security?

    I’ll be goddammned and monkey fucked.

    -an old & new friend

  2. BretByron

    Prison Inmates are the only people I’ve ever heard of throwing shit, but I guess basically that is what we are treated like.

    How sick is that, no PVC sign posts when they have guns, metal batons and body armor? Those pigs should feel so pathetic.

    Nice post Stim

  3. dieselby

    To the disguised security guards on the steps:

    You’re the new revolution. The angst-filled adolescent. You fit the stereotype well.

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  5. emcnally59

    Great stuff, Frnk. Love the graphics, the potent blend of serious and irreverent.

    Keep telling truth to power with a smirk.

    How long are you in Denver? Would love to meet up tonight Wed, or Thurs am or pm. Even Fri am if you’re still around.

    Cool art event at The Red Building tonight at 2930 Larimer St. “Get on the Bus Feist” featuring Ari Heist, etc.

    Edward: 404-281-6419

  6. good work stim! good tunes too

    some footage interlaced?

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