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  2. kriz

    regressive antisemitism is hiding behind antizionism
    intifada = resistance against israel linked with the extinction of all jews
    hitler exported his modern antisemitism into the arabic nationalism

  3. toofikb

    hey kriz:
    antisemitism= anti-shem
    The children of Shem were Elam, Asshur, Aram, Arpachshad and Lud, in addition to daughters. Abraham, the patriarch of the Hebrews and Arabs, was one of the descendants of Arpachshad.
    Son of Noah; according to Genesis
    it includes all the shemi races (it include arabs!!!)
    and on a personal note fuck you and couss imak ya maniac ya sahyoni mfates!!!

  4. kriz

    no it’s not! antisemitism is a term wich was introduced by judeophobic to seperate or “emancipate” it from anti-judaism (theological antisemitism) in order to make the hatred against jews pseudo scientific arguable and to strengthen the idea of nationalism as ideology. the term antisemitism was explicitly circumscribed to jews filled with cliches and negative prejudice.
    btw is the setting up of israel a reaction to the shoah (holocaust) and the persecution of jews throughout the history

  5. toofikb

    yeah ok (brainwashed kriz!!!) and send my regards to the mosad ,shaback and the secret police. love all the people!!! man… i wish i was dead!!!

  6. kriz

    wtf!? do u wanna tell me with ur next personal attack against me that the shoah and the persecution of jews throughout the history is a lie?

  7. toofikb

    dear kriz
    what, who, when was that??? (i knew this will happen 🙁
    i NEVER!!! claimed such a thing not even in my worst “personality attacks”
    i would claim such a thing!!!
    (the personality attacks are related to the fact that for the last 9 month i’ve been soever and what can i say… i’m back!!! 2 bottles of cheep red wine and a bottle of vodka “bootzdarovia”)
    i didn’t claim that, on the contrary i claim that this atrocity that happened should be and it is being learned and all of us should study it and try to understand fully what and how this atrocity happened!!!
    but this horrendous act of inhuman that happened to the Jewish people (and the gay,cripples,communist,gypsies etc…)
    became like a corner stone for every argument/critic about israel.
    there is no connection between the both (there is in your point of view…)
    look, i lack of enough knowledge,tolorence and balls to try to explain to you what is happening in here (is…) but i would like to refer you to one of Franklin videos :
    “Goverment of Occupation V2”
    and about the brainwashing: the nazies tried to define the arian race, read… about it, it will probably make you sick but that’s an important piece of history to learn from (specially when you hear other ppl talking about races. me… i claim that we are all one… oops one of the personality attacks is about to emerge so…
    darvin sucks!!! his ancestors are monkeys!!! the quantum field is my new hope for a divine understanding wtf is real)

    and what i meant is that you have so much knowledge about the holocaust and the persecution of Jews throughout the history
    that you became so frighten that you’ll not going to be able to see the truth, and that’s the main frickin point of this history lesson;
    that we are all refusing to learn; that the state of fear is the key for controlling us the SHEEP!!!
    so… if now i somehow explained myself (i sure hope so…)
    i would like to refer you to a few links/videos that i’ll hope will explain to you what is it that i feel…

    “The Evilness of Power”

    “Arna’s children”

    so… that’s it for me no more blah blah, hope i didn’t sound too idiotic or insane (although i doubt my own sanity) and i’m sorry for the attacks on you (that the arabic nature in me, we’re hot blooded) i’m really sorry if i offended you in some way, truly sorry

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