System Fail 20: Picking A Side

Nearly 200 years in, the Monroe Doctrine has had a devastating track record in the Western hemisphere. This bloody history of gringo imperialism has produced strains of left-wing populism, which have become strong political forces in the region. Unfortunately for anarchists and other revolutionaries, these leftist political regimes have tended towards either resisting the US through authoritarian statecraft, or else have simply revealed themselves to be shills for neoliberalism.

In Peru, plagued by an entrenched political opposition, allegations of corruption and a low approval rating, former president Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve congress, which has led to his impeachment and subsequent arrest. This has sparked a wave of protests that have paralyzed the country.

Meanwhile in Greece, the police murder of Kostas Fragoulis, a Roma teenager accused of stealing 20 Euros of gasoline has inspired another wave of protests.

Finally, a statement from Alfredo Cospito, an anarchist prisoner on hunger strike resisting Italy’s draconian 41-bis regime.

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