No Justice on Stolen Land

2015 wrapped up with a bang, with dozens of militant actions carried out by anarchists under the banner of “Black December.” In Turkey, aspiring Fuhrer, Tayipp Erdogan, is attempting to wipe out the Kurds, but is faced with fierce resistance from the PKK and its allies. On the music break, a Savage Fam drops an anti-colonial hip-hop classic with “War Mask.” We follow up with news from Canada, as the country elects a new prime minister who’s cozying up to indigenous peeps, followed up by an exclusive interview with Ant-Loc of Savage Fam.

To hear the full interview with Ant-Loc, click here.

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This week, we snagged some clips from “Thunderheart” and “Get Hard,”
and below is the tracks we used on the show:


6 thoughts on “No Justice on Stolen Land”

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  2. Josh

    So as a non-indigenous person, how do I “address that I am occupying indigenous homeland”? I am not making a critique or argument against this. I just want to understand. Does this mean that I just accept this fact and go along as normal? Or do I just need to leave and go somewhere else? Or is it something completely different?

  3. Always reliably good. Four years into watching and not disappointed, ever.

  4. I don’t think there’s a simple answer to that. I know picking up and leaving is not an option to most people either. A good start is getting acquainted with the land your are on. Who lived there before you? Are the descendants of the original inhabitants still around? If so, how can you offer your solidarity. In short decolonization is a lifelong journey.

  5. It’s analog to, like… coming to terms with your own schizophrenia. Only that this is a social schizophrenia you’re clearly a victim of, having contrated it through an abstract religious order and its dogma.

    So subverting it through concrete (even if symbolic) means appears to me as the one of the best remedies against it, though the preferred one would be wild occupations in the form of RETAKING the land – without actual ownership, especially not sanctioned by the State.

  6. Excellent new show. Always a good idea to address in-show issues related to making the actua show, as indeed there’s so little stuff from real life to put into film, at least in the form you’ve been doing.

    I’d sure be putting together comparative footage of shopping malls vs prisons and animal slaughterhouses with Arthur Shonberg and distorted mixes of Justin Bieber playing in the background, but I ain’t sure the target public of Submedia would find it appealing… would they?

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