Not Your Climate Movement

This week, we bring you a recap of the COP21 climate clusterfuck in Paris, with Jim Hansen’s reaction to the historic non-agreement and’s condemnation of comrades who defied the protest ban. Over in Greece, we look at the yearly riots that commemorate the police murder of Alex Grigoropoulos. On the music break is deceased Greek anarcho MC Killah P with “I Won’t Cry, I Won’t Fear. Our featured interview is with three brave comrades who managed to stop the flow of dirty tar sands oil to the entire eastern seaboard of Turtle Island with three bike locks and some egg sandwiches.

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We stole some kick ass riot footage from Ross Domoney, and some clips from “Paris Je T’aime,” “2 Days in Paris,” and “Team America.”

On the playlist:

  1. XOC – Super Mario Theme
  2. Julie Covington – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  3. Run the Jewels – Love Again
  4. Cut Killer – Nique La Police
  5. Run the Jewels – Lie, Cheat, Steal
  6. Killah P – Α.ΛΗ.Τ.ΗΣ
  7. Killah P – I Won’t Cry, I Won’t Fear
  8. Yann Tiersen – La Valse des Vieux Os
  9. Jeopardy Theme
  10. Dilated People’s – Basics


11 thoughts on “Not Your Climate Movement”

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  2. uhu

    James Hansen is a high profile greenwasher of nuclear power though. The Heartland Inst. praises Hansen and he speaks at at conferences sponsored by the nuclear industry.

  3. Ruben

    find it ironic that mass action are described as feel good, when this riot porn style video is designed to make the author feel good too. (there where no bazookas). maybe its just meant to be ironic as the whole tone of the video is, in some kind of uber-post-hipsterism.

  4. Actually, the riot porn montage was meant to make the authors (as there are more than one of us) and the audience to feel fuckin great! But why equate a piece of infotainment with a type of action that has been proven 21 times over to be wholly ineffective? The riot porn does not pretend to be anything else other than what it is, while the NGO driven actions pretend to actually change policy when in reality they are only meant to make people feel like they are doing something.

  5. burritoletariat

    Is this video down or is it just me? I can find it on but am having trouble loading the video here and on vimeo. Should I be worrying about security issues on my end…?

  6. Works on my end. Can you describe what’s happening? Great handle BTW! 😀

  7. burritoletariat

    Figured something out now, mais bref : I can watch both the vimeo page and the embedded above version using the Tor browser (and the embedded version using an unblocker/VPN plug in thing in a normal browser, but not the vimeo page), but in the normal browser the embedded video is just a black box and the vimeo page won’t ever load. Anyway, thanks, looking forward to the next vid!

  8. willM

    I’d like to see some anarcho punk on these playlists

  9. Phillip Griffin

    Stim! Great stuff; thanks for all your work.

    While I dig your attacks on oil and corporate environmental groups, I was wondering if you’ve addressed the huge environmental impacts of animal agriculture (I haven’t been keeping up with the show), seeing as animal ag is a bigger cause of climate change than the whole transportation sector combined. Worse, it seems even more entrenched than the fossil fuel machine–most of us grew up on meat and cheese and eggs, taught by govt education programs that a healthy diet necessitated such consumption.

    I’m sure you’re hip to this stuff, just wanted to pick your brain.

  10. I did back in the day, when I did a show on vegetarianism. If I have time I’ll dig it out.

  11. Send me some links! I know very little about the genre.

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