Erasing Eminem

2006, 1 Minute


So it rained for 40 days and 40 nights in British Columbia. I spent the time in my basement studio, wearing nothing but my robe and slippers (my wife loved it), erasing Eminem. OK, let me rewind. Around the new year, I came across a design collective called ForkScrew and they had done these kick-ass posters using the IPOD style from the ads Apple has been plastering everywhere but replace the shilouettes with images from the Iraq war, replaced the Apple logo with a grenade and instead of IPod it became IRaq. There are so many statements these ads make, that you could write a thesis about them. Fuckin brilliant.

So building on that idea I searched for IPOD TV ads. Thankfully had the newest Eminem/IPod ad at pretty high resolution. I downloaded it, called few conspirators back in the ATL and got to work. The task at hand was to delete Eminem and the sillouettes, frame by frame, and replace them with Iraq war imagery. Don Clark did a lot of the erasing, Alex Rambaud of Black Mona Lisa re-wrote the lyrics and added nasally Cypress Hill style delivery, Nav and Johnny re-mixed the track and DJM mixed it all together.

So here you go. We are calling it USE.
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    what, no podcast? 😉

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    hey is that flash version link broken?

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