9 questions with Mark Achbar

2005, 4 mins

We met up with Mark Achbar, director of ‘The Corporation’ for a walk around downtown Vancouver and talked about his film, his shoes and Stanley Kubrick.

5 thoughts on “9 questions with Mark Achbar”

  1. Perdita

    I don’t know how I had already come across this (other than your site) and though it was good enough to put The Corporation into my Net Flicks que.
    I also liked the staging…Starbucks…ha

  2. Anonymous

    I cant see the video. Only audio.

    Using Windows XP Pro SP1, Firefox 1.0.6 and Quicktime 7…I believe.

  3. rob

    Try updating to Quicktime 7.02 – there were some cross platform bugs with the Windows Beta of 7.0

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Alex Citizen

    Sorry for 2 comments.
    Some lag 🙁
    Sorry 🙁

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