Eco-Defense or Eco-Terrorism?

This Week:

1. New Crude Oil Record.
2. Happy Daniel Yergin Day!!
3. I-Ran from the Dollar
4. Coal Blockade
5. Eric McDavid
6. Apeasing Dubya
7. Government of Occupation
8. Stimulator’s Stimulating Stimulus Package
9. Eco-Defense or Eco Terrorism?

To contact Mike Becker, email him at [email protected].
Mike Becker also co-produced the film ‘Testify’ and co-wrote ‘Igniting a Revolution.’
To view a film about the E.L.F., there is a torrent file here.
To view a film about the A.L.F., click here.


5 thoughts on “Eco-Defense or Eco-Terrorism?”

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  2. sofia soledad

    Does anyone know why there’s Viagra spam posted all over ELF’s website?

  3. I don’t have an official explanation why the ELF site is riddled with hard on pills, but I assume that someone forgot to pay the domain name registration and someone snapped up the site and is now using it to get ad clicks. The domain is actually for sale, and they are asking for offers. Hilarious.

  4. sofia soledad

    That sucks! Thanks for the info, Stim! I hope they get it back up again soon… the website that is (no pun intended).

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