8 thoughts on “Crash Crash Crash”

  1. derjuggernaut911

    OMG! you remembered may day no one i know remembered

  2. derjuggernaut911

    we need to get the word out 4 next year

  3. I’m actually (for real) IN that Matewan Speech. 3rd hillbilly worker from the left. It was my 1st time on set and it was definatly the most valuable movie I’ve I been involved with. BUT as good and inspirational as it is… it was a non union movie… word.

  4. Fuckin hilarious Flux! I think I recognize you. Anywho, it is ironic that Matewan was a non union film, and probably they would have never been able to afford making it, if it was a union job. I am acting on a film that is experiencing difficulties in funding because everyone is working for free and SAG don’t likey.

  5. I tried to digg this page, digg came up with 4 previous diggs but when I tried to digg it says this page no longer exist.

    You gonna put up with that shit?

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