Browse through our back catalogue of videos, extending way back to 2003.

System Fail

Our latest attempt at a news show, System Fail covers the slow-motion collapse of humanity, as seen through the eyes of its host, a misanthropic robot named Dee Dos.

submedia shorts

Our collection of short news segments, riot porn mash-ups, action recaps, hot takes, and calls for support – all optimized for social media attention spans.

submedia films

A collection of some of the stand-alone films that we’ve put out over the years.


A documentary series offering in-depth anarchist analysis on a range of topics, themes and spaces of resistance. Intended to be watched in groups.

A is for anarchy

A series explaining some of the basic tenets of anarchy.


An archive spanning twelve years of dispatches from our foul-mouthed former news anchor. RIP Stim!

indigenous resistance

A showcase of anti-colonial resistance and Indigenous-led struggles taking place across Turtle Island.