Unmasking the stimulator

2008, 28 min

Last week Rochester Indymedia organized a screening of my work but also had me on their cable TV show Indy TV. Check it.

“Frank Lopez (aka the stimulator) , creator of submedia.tv and the show “its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”  joins us on Indy TV this week to explain what his show is about, how he’s been able to pull it off, and some of his future projects. Frank explains his show: “The name is inspired by the song by R.E.M. with the same title.  Its end of the world news, lots of natural disasters, high oil prices, food riots. But also news from the front lines of the resistance, people who do eco-activism, people who go to protests, people who do direct action.”Frank’s show also includes regular music segments and interviews with inspiring thinkers and activists involved in resistance work. “

4 thoughts on “Unmasking the stimulator”

  1. Evolucionario

    Good to see you in person Franklyn. Digame cuando vienes a Sydney y lo ayudo con lo que pueda para continuar la lucha hombre.

    Siga la pelea..

  2. I’d love to kick it in Sidney. I need to do a whole trip to Aussie and see some peeps in Brisbane as well. Will let you know if I can work it out.

  3. Evolucionario

    Sweet mate. You have my email so keep me posted. I’ll be back home to NY for the next five weeks, but back after that. Can’t wait to see the next episode, lot-o-shit to be irate about lately;-)

    Keep on, keepin on

  4. Awesome stuff, Franklin! You’re like a super hero.
    Have you read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? It’s similar to Endgame. I just bought Daniel Quinn’s newer book called Beyond Civilization. It’s supposed to be all about solutions and stuff.


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