The Stimulator

An archive spanning twelve years of dispatches from our foul-mouthed former news anchor.
RIP Stim!

How to Burn an American Flag

In light of Trump’s tweet stating that flag burning should be criminalized, we give you a step by step on how to properly torch the stars and stripes.

Trump: What How What

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, many peeps are freaking the fuck out. Well, step back, take a breath and watch our analysis.

The Revolution has Come!

This week we bring you a special sedition on the anniversary of one of the most bad-ass and sophisticated revolutionary organizations in the United Snakes the Black Panther Party.

Weaponizing Solidarity: An Interview With the IFB

An interview with a member of the International Freedom Battalion, a group of foreign fighters made up mostly of anarchists, communists and socialists who have traveled to Syria to support the Rojava Revolution.

Quick Tip: How to Mask Up

When we decide to take to the streets to oppose the state and their police, it’s wise to hide our identity.

Requiem for Syria

An in-depth look at the Syrian Revolution that attempts to sift through all the fear-mongering and disinformation that prevents people from giving Syrians the revolutionary solidarity they deserve.

Burn Down the Plantation

A look at the recent riots in Milwaukee, protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and slavery in the US prison system with an interview with imprisoned organizer Melvin Ray.

Come Home to Roost

A look at the so-called “War on Cops” in the United Snakes, simmering anti-cop sentiment in the UK and the fallout stemming from Turkey’s recent failed coup, plus an interview with anarchist strategist Tom Nomad.

The RNC Comes to Cleveland

A look at the upcoming RNC shit-show in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Plague of Nationalism

A look at the fallout from the recent Brexit vote, plus simmering tensions in the United Snakes, followed by an interview with antifa organizer Brazo fresh from some clashes with supporters of the Traditionalist Worker Party, in Sacramento.

Block Everything

A look at the multi-faceted insurrection spreading across France, paralyzing strikes in Mexico and Colombia, plus an interview with Colombian activist Marcela.

Anarchism & the Mexican Revolution

Ever wonder why some Mexican anarchists refer to themselves as Magonistas? This video explains why.

The Crisis of Democracy

A look at the receding “pink tide” in Latin America, plus an homage to the 2006 Oaxacan Commune, and an interview with Mexican anarchist and CNTE militant Cesar Chavez.

Smashing the Fortress

As Europe battens down the hatches to block waves of refugees attempting to escape war and poverty, the United Snakes is becoming more polarized amidst a resurgent right-wing. Featuring an interview with Paul of All Out Atlanta.

Stashing the Booty

In the wake of the Panama Papers leak, we look at booty stashing. Plus an update on revolts in France and an interview with members of anarchist crew Desaffiliation.

Paris is Burning!

A look at the multiple converging points of revolt in France, a diatribe against “the Donald,” and an interview with B Traven of CrimethInc. about why anarchists oppose liberal democracy.

Stim Luvs Bernie

After much reflection, I have decided to throw my support behind Bernie Sanders.

Revenge of the Fallists

A look at the nefarious corporate power grab called the TPP, plus a look at the recent student uprisings demanding free tuition in South Africa, and an interview with South African student organizer Alex Hotz.

White Canada Has A Black History

A look at riots in Hong Kong, street battles in Athens, and a looming famine in Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Followed by an interview with Toronto-based anarchist Ajamu Nangwaya.

Support Your Local Antifa

This week, we look at the growing fascist movement in Europe and what the antifa are doing to fight back.

Sink The Rich!

A bleak economic outlook for the coming year and our very clever solution to fix this capitalist clusterfuck.