Paris is Burning!

This week, we take a look at the multiple converging flashpoints of resistance in France, which have combined into a popular movement that has inspired over a million peeps to take to the streets in a massive expression of collective rage.

On the music break, we have French antifa hip hop group Sang Malé, with Le Bal Des Insurgé.es.

From there, we move onto a take-down of “the Donald” and try to answer the question of why his angry message is resonating with millions of Americans. We finish things up with an interview with CrimethInc. operative B Traven, who explains what anarchists have against democracy.

To read CrimethInc.’s full 10-part series The Anarchist Critique of Democracy, check out:

We also got some amazing unreleased tracks donated from Montreal-based electro band Trash Family. Check out their released tracks here!