System Fail 24: Pride and Prejudice

As corporate celebrations of pride seek to commodify queer culture into consumer markets, the far right has begun to fight back against these ruthless pride-based advertising campaigns; by pushing for the erasure of LGBTQ people from the public life! Threatened by a perceived challenge to their dubious “traditional morality” conservatives have taken to the internet to express their distaste while elements further to the right have attempted to disrupt pride events with varying success. In spite of the uptick of bigoted vitriol, radical LBGTQ people have begun to organize autonomous community self-defence groups.

We caught up with Scott Branson, author of Practical Anarchism and cohost of Final Straw Radio about the current state of queer resistance in the US.

Meanwhile in Russia, Yevgeny Prigozhin and his mercs in the Wagner Group set off on a short-lived and surreal march to Moscow. Despite its failure, this attempted coup has succeeded in highlighting some of the tensions within the Russian state. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen going forward.

Finally, in Jujuy, so-called Argentina, Indigenous land defenders have been joined by farmers and striking teachers as the Argentinian state attempts to crack down on disruptive protest tactics and open up more lands to mining.

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Check out ‘Surviving the Future: Abolitionist Queer Strategies’ Co-edited by Scott Branson and available on PM Press