System Fail 21: The Folly of Man

As technological advances in Artificial Intelligence are poised render the labour of millions obsolete, humans in industrialized nations must decide whether to succumb to existential despair or embrace their new robot overlords for their kitschy novelty.

Meanwhile in Sudan, the regular army and the paramilitary forces known as the Rapid Support Forces or RSF have been waging a war for control of the country. As usual, many civilians have been caught in the crossfire. Sick of the constant warring and scarcity of resources, people have organized thousands of Resistance Committees to coordinate large-scale mutual aid networks growing into one of the most significant revolutionary movements in the world.

Also tensions have flared in Bonanova, a posh neighbourhood in Barcelona, over the fate of 2 anarchist squats. Desokupa, a fascist goon squad who contract out their services to evict squatters, has vowed to take back the squats but anarchist resistance has been swift and fierce.

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