System Fail 17: No War but the Class War

[This episode of System Fail contains graphic depictions of war, famine, chemicals weapons use and other violence inflicted by the state. Viewer discretion is advised.]

In an exclusive interview, we hear from Liz Truss, disgraced former Prime Minister of the UK on her decision to resign.

Next, Dee tries to understand why working class humans kill each other for the benefit of their rulers. Then Dee cuts through all the layers of patriotic spin to bring you the latest updates from Russia’s war on Ukraine and those resisting Putin’s latest conscription drive.

Finally we check in on so-called Chile where Mapuche Warriors and anarchists have marked the 3rd anniversary of the 2019 uprising with a fresh round of protests.

To support comrades in Russia resisting the war and for more informational resources visit the following links:

Solidarity Zone, a horizontal initiative supporting those persecuted for anti-war actions.

Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists –

Revolutionary Anarchist Fund – an initiative of the Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists, providing financial support for partisan actions in Russia.

Anarchist Black Cross Moscow –

Anarchist Black Cross Irkutsk – and

Anarchist Black Cross Belarus –

Movement of Irkutsk Anarchists (DIAna) –

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