System Fail 11: Lamborghinis and Tear Gas

Welcome to another episode of System Fail. In the news this week we do a quick rundown of May Day celebrations around the world. Although there were other May Day festivities we focused on Montreal Santiago de Chile, Istanbul, Berlin and Paris.

For our next segment we cover the drastic curtailing of reproductive rights in the United States as foreshadowed by the leak of Supreme Court documents. We also take a look at the acts of resistance and the obnoxious recuperationist conspiracy theorists who try to discredit them.

Later, we see how comrades in Greece are resisting Law 4777 which would station police on university campuses, where they have historically not been allowed to go.

Finally, we cover a violent insurrection in Sri Lanka where protesters have ousted the corrupt Prime Minister and torched two of the President’s houses, as well as his presidential Lamborghini.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this episode stated that nobody had died at the May Day protests in Chile. Sadly, Francisca Sandoval, a journalist age 29 died on May 12th in the hospital from wounds she sustained that day. Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones. We have edited the video slightly to remove this error, and apologize for any confusion or grief that this error may have caused.

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