Solidarity Is Our Weapon

Against the Russian Empire and its World

Note: Since we published this video, more details have emerged about Operation Solidarity, and anarchists’ involvement in the so-called ‘territorial defence’ units of the Ukrainian army.  For further information, please read this note of critical reflection from our comrades in ABC Dresden or this excellent critique of militarism put out by anarchist comrades in the Czech Republic.

For the last month, the people of Ukraine have been resisting Russia’s invasion. Many are putting their lives on the line not to protect the Ukrainian state, but against the so-called Russian world which only brings authoritarianism, torture and misery. We can’t forget that the very same air force that struck a shopping district in Kiev and a maternity hospital in Mariupol also razed Aleppo to the ground, burying the Syrian revolution in its rubble. Resistance against Putin and his world requires solidarity across borders.

We are calling on all anarchists and antifascists to support the fight. Anarchist Black Cross collects money for comrades in Ukraine and those who have decided to leave the country. You can support their efforts at

Solidarity is our weapon.

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