Portland Police Attack Antifa

Video Ninja Jake Westly Anderson went to Portland on August 4th, to cover the confrontation between anti-fascists and Patriot Prayer and filed this report:

“Police nearly killed a counter protester after firing a projectile through their helmet. After the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other right wing nationalists descended on Portland, things turned violent as police attacked community counter demonstrators. The Portland police department used concussion grenades, pepper-spray, paint balls, and flash bangs on both bystanders, counter protesters, journalists and civil society groups that were on the scene.

The attack seemed largely unprovoked, especially when compared to the indiscriminate and near fatal response. Meanwhile, far right extremists, some of whom fought in Charlottesville, where basically left alone, despite many being masked and armed. This is the first of several videos we’ll be releasing.

Thank you for supporting independent media. We’ll do our best to continue to cover this story. Please share this video to help us get the word out.

Love and solidarity -Jake Westly Anderson”