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  2. OwlFeather

    The video player will not go full screen for some reason. I’m using Firefox, so it shouldn’t be my browser. Just giving you a heads up.

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  5. Well, for a way more legit popular uprising against capitalism and its empire, there’s a growing movement of revolt in the Balkans…



    This shit’s for real.

    In BiH, Serbia and Croatia (as in other “liberated” East European countries), many people who still have jobs wait for months to receive their salary, yet they get charged for tons of things that were free in the former Yugoslavian republic (like fucking public pools, as an instance), and above this not just their future but also their present has been wasted by EU-sourced neoliberal despotism, in the name of democracy.

    Those Otpor/CANVAS tools in Beograd may be receiving a flaming visit pretty soon.

  6. Nice! You know any peeps over there who speak english and would be down for an interview?

  7. I also wanted to add this, from “Information concerning the current rebellion in BiH for our foreign comrades”…

    “The peoples’ rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is an anti-nationalist and social rebellion is being attacked by the reactionary alliance of the imperialist forces (EU, US), regional expansionists (Turkey, Croatia, Serbia) and local chauvinist political elites. The joint attempt of these forces to try to separate workers and peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina along ethnic and sectarian lines to secure their own influence, proves once again that imperialism can not solve the national question in the Balkans. It in fact produces these divisions and tries to use them as a last line of defense of the system against the peoples’ rebellions. For this reason, it is of great importance to support the current struggle in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to combat misinformation and reactionary propaganda and to fight against foreign involvement of powers trying to suffocate the rebellion.”

    So yeah, fuck Euromaidan… big time!

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  9. Rons

    You said 2003 stating number of people killed by police in one year but I think you meant 2013

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