7 thoughts on “Goose Liver Revolution”

  1. skeptic421

    Arm the homeless!
    Very glad to hear of the protests throughout Europe, but wtf is up with the USA?? why aren’t we fucking protesting?!?! oh yeah, forgot… the Sheeple are still “high” off “The Man Ur Momma Calls Obama,” obliviously thinking the puppet is going to save us from this shitty mess we call society.
    On a side note, too bad Obama’s response to the legalization of marijuana wasn’t mentioned D:
    His mocking response to the MOST ASKED QUESTION only reassures to me the hypocrisy of the US government, a true disgrace to Democracy.
    But fuck I’m not surprised, democracy in America only favors the minority with the most profit.
    Keep ’em coming stim, the resistance is growing!

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  3. It’s bizarre… I keep getting in battles with people over them screaming Obama is a socialist, because FauxNews and Rush tell them so. They get me so tangled in THAT hysteria, scared shitless that he might use money to help those in need… like THAT’S a bad thing but killing brown people ain’t no big thang… and here you are showing that, in fact, he’s capitalism’s apologizer.

    Good *#$@!ing GAWD, Stimmy… I’d kill to get them out of hysteria over imagined threats so they can see the real threat. But, guess what… you and I are just silly librulz. Jeez… anyway, I posted this episode on my blog at thestumblingblock, so maybe IT can help penetrate through the stupid. But knowing them, I doubt it.

  4. BAM

    i fucking love this channel.

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