From the River to the Sea – A Call for the Liberation of Palestine

On October 7th 2023 the Palestinian paramilitary group Hamas launched a surprise attack into the territories ruled by the Israeli state. In turn, the Israel Defence Forces has launched a campaign of bombings of primarily civilian targets and have cut off all power and fuel supplies, and further choked off water and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Western media outlets have kicked into high gear to present Hamas as bloodthirsty monsters and Israel as innocent victims, and righteous defenders of their homeland, while purposely omitting over 70 years of historical context.

Hamas’ bloody attack occurred within a context of generations of brutal occupation and the systematic displacement of Palestinians from their lands. The state of Israel, guided by Zionist ideology and sanctioned by the UN and imperial powers in the west, has been gradually conquering and stealing Palestine land since the Nakba in 1948

The utterly disproportionate response from Israel has destroyed hospitals, refugee camps, and damaged or destroyed 45% of all homes in Gaza. This has stoked renewed fears that Israel will go for broke, in an effort to displace all Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, permanently.

The time for meaningful solidarity with Palestine is now. Much of the munitions and military hardware used by the IDF is manufactured in the west, primarily in the US.

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.

This video is a collaboration between Antimidia and subMedia.

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