FIFA Go Home! The Battle Against the World Cup in Brazil



This week on “It’s the end of the World as We know it and I feel fine,” we bring you a round up of news from the muthafrackin’ resistance, starting with the shooting of three cops from the Canadian Mounted po-po and a look at its colonial history, followed up by the FIFA world cup riots and the successful defense of Can Vies, an anarchist social space in Barcelona. We wrap it up with the resignation of Subcomandante Marcos from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Music break: Hard beats and solid decolonizing rhymes by Shining Soul

Our featured guest this week is Z, an anarchist from Sao Paolo, Brazil, who tells us the who, what, when, where of the anti-World Cup Resistance.

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10 thoughts on “FIFA Go Home! The Battle Against the World Cup in Brazil”

  1. boredpunks

    Hey Stim, where can I watch the opening video in it’s entirety?

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  4. Smith

    This is the best show I’ve seen on world issues.
    I’ve often came to the final question, is it right to stimulate the western world into chaos for the betterment of the entire world – aside from asking if that would even work. And you seem to of thought it is a good thing. I’d like to know your reasoning, as obvious as it may be.

    What stops me is that fear has been governments, corporations, and religions main tools forever, wouldn’t you say this is doing the same thing? This type of fear is more empowered though. But it would lead to millions of deaths – an actual revolution for the people, meaning devolving to a point where people are having to take care of themselves, which let me just tell you isn’t going to be EASY.. This is where millions will die at the hands of one another. Do you expect us to all float back 200 years?

    It is any … STIMULATORS responsibility to the people he is stimulating to inform them of a conclusion. Causing fear and confusion is never the solution – unless you want to take the governments route.

  5. Smith

    This doesn’t need to be approved. I get your standpoint after watching the previous video.

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