The Ferguson Effect

This week, we bring you black and brown power worldwide as peeps from Manila to Chicago fight the powers that be. In the Philippines, anti-capitalist warriors told APEC leaders to pack up and get the fuck out of dodge, while comrades in Minneapolis took a page from the Ferguson riots and stormed a police station, and in Chi-town, a strong reaction to the Laquan McDonald shooting tape. On the music break is Argentine-French rapper Keny Arkana with “Gens Pressés.” In our featured interview, climate change journalist Dahr Jamail tells us just how fucked we are and what we need to do to unfuck ourselves.

To listen to my entire interview with Dahr Jamail, click here (Mp3 31mb).

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On this week’s show, we stole some shit from “Mr. Robot” and “Murdoch Mysteries.”

On the ones and twos this week:

  1. XOC – Super Mario Theme
  2. Parry Gripp & BooneBum – Raining Tacos
  3. Public Enemy – Fight the Power
  4. Ice T – New Jack Hustler
  5. Bambu – Militant Greetings
  6. Public Enemy – Can’t Truss it
  7. Rebel Diaz – Pistola Clap
  8. Keny Arkana – Gens Pressés
  9. Public Enemy – final count of the collision between us and the damned
  10. GZA feat DJ Muggs – Smothered Mate


8 thoughts on “The Ferguson Effect”

  1. Rei

    oi, m8, where’s the extended interview?

    PS: climate change is one of the most fucking depressing bullshits.

  2. Allyn

    Hi there, can you tell us where the opening video clip comes from (the physiatrists office)? Cheers

  3. Allyn

    oops, completely fucked that up. That should be psychiatrist. did I make a new word?

  4. Rabia

    What film is the clip from at the beginning?

  5. Allyn

    Thanks. I’m a little slow this morning.

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