A Decade of Subversion Free DVD Download

A Decade of Subversion is a loving collection of foul-mouthed anarchy from subMedia.tv, creators of It’s the End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine, END:CIV, and Join the Resistance: Fall in Love!

Buy or download your copy now and own a full decade of flaming subversion with two hours of subMedia.tv’s best videos and a fold-out printable booklet. The DVD includes subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Czech, Dutch, Romanian, Slovene and Arabic. You can find the PDF of the booklet in the DVD files. Just navigate to the Z_FILES folder.

A Decade of Subversion collection also includes films about indigenous struggles, films about the Olympics, films about environmental issues and even films about stealing.

Proceeds from A Decade of Subversion are going to help fund subMedia.tv’s upcoming projects which include a series called What We Are Fighting For, about anarchists and other freedom fighters telling the stories of their struggles, and a feature film about the story of Anarchy with the working title of ¡Libertad!

Download (HD – MP4)  * Download Torrent (4.2gb) * Download via Mega.co.nz (4.2gb) * Buy DVD



10 thoughts on “A Decade of Subversion Free DVD Download”

  1. produktinfinium

    Hi, just downloaded the torrent, and im printing copies of the pamphlet to hand out with dvds. The .pdf does not have pages 9 or 10, what do i do?…. Thanks btw, you produce a lovely product.

  2. Yep, this is really good. Thank u so much. I will be sharing this w/ many of my friends.

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  4. It’s a hooray! o/ Muchas gracias.

  5. Steven

    Damn, thank you.

    OK. Got a .img and how to safely convert to .dvd for share?

    Happy Solstice!

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  7. jg

    So, uh, how exactly do I unlock this file?

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  10. mejuan

    YO! Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t offer cash at the moment but if you guys want art… come take what you want… use it wisely <3 and you don't need to give props. Just want to help push this thing off the edge. http://royalroyalroyal.tumblr.com/

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