Circle (A) Podcast — Episode 6: Flipping the COIN

Peter Gelderloos on Counter Insurgency.

In this episode we revisit an interview we did with Anarchist author, Peter Gelderloos, in 2017. He talks to us about the constant war being waged by states against their populations and gives an overview of how this played out in the territories ruled by the Spanish state during the police operations known as Pandora and Piñata. He also touches on the historical process of militarization which he explores fully in his book Worshipping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation.

Parts of this interview were originally used in Trouble #6 – Adapt & Destroy.

For an update on some of the history of struggles in Catalonia since 2017, check out the interview Peter did with It’s Going Down in 2019.
You can also hear his take on what to expect from the Biden presidency in his 2021 interview with IGD.