Trouble 20: Inside-Out

In the 20th edition of 20, subMedia takes a closer look at the Prison-Industrial-Complex.

Year 2019 Length 35.5 Mins

Inside-Out: Against Prison Society [TRAILER]

For those inside, the struggle against prisons is often a struggle for survival; it’s a constant fight to preserve whatever dignity you can in a place that’s designed to grind you down. For those on the outside, it is a struggle to break through the barriers of institutionalized isolation – whether physical, technical, or bureaucratic. It’s a battle to build and maintain relationships with those the state would have you forget. Prisons are constructed to be impenetrable fortresses. The fight for their abolition is a daunting one. But no matter if you’re on the inside or the outside, their continued existence is an affront to the very notion of freedom… and one that demands resistance.

Year 2019 Length 1 min

Trouble 19: Quiet Storm

In this month’s episode of Trouble, we look at technology – specifically at the growing nexus between mass data collection, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Year 2019 Length 33.5 Mins

Quiet Storm: Technology and Social Control [TRAILER]

Today humanity stands poised on the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a wide-reaching social transformation expected to be characterized by advances in the fields of robotics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and 3D-Printing. In this episode of Trouble, subMedia looks at the proliferation of technologies of social control and explores some of the ways people are fighting back.

Year 2019 Length 1 min

Trouble 18: ACAB

In our first episode of Trouble of 2019 we look at the institution we love to hate, the cops.

Year 2019 Length 33 mins

Trouble 18: ACAB [TRAILER]

They are the batons, flash bangs and rubber bullets used to break up our demonstrations, and put down our riots. They are the guardians of capital. They are the oppressor. And without exception… All Cops Are Bastards.

Year 2019 Length 1 min

Trouble 17: Mad Worlds

Trouble 17 explores mental health, and radical solutions to the problems causing mental unwellness

Year 2018 Length 33 Mins

Trouble 17: Mad Worlds [Trailer]

In a world where everything seems upside down, what does it mean to be sane? In the 17th episode of Trouble, subMedia takes a critical look at mental health today, state responses to crisis, and community support. Episode drops December 4th at 8PM EST.

Year 2018 Length 1 min

Trouble #16: Conspiracy To Riot

A look at the riotous protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump, carried out under the banner #DisruptJ20… and the historic trial that followed.

Year 2018 Length 37 mins