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BlackBloccupy! Barbarians storm the ECB in Frankfurt

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In this sedition, a round of the riots that rocked the European Central Bank’s inauguration in Frankfurt, plus a throw back from 1990’s German digital hardcore Atari Teenage Riot and an a double vegan cheeseburger worldwide exclusive interview with “Peter” from Ums Ganze! (which translates to “Crunch Time”) telling us about the coalition that fucked shit up for the EU technocrats this month.

This month we used these beats:

Lady gaga – Sheisse (Ievissa Remix)
Kreator – Radical Restistance
Rammstein – Du Hast (Instrumental)
Supermove – Oversee (Animatrix Soundtrack)
Mixla – Hard Agressive Motivational Hip Hip Instrumental

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