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Kids Learning

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There is a kind of tourist paradise in the Kispiox Valley, but it’s also for local kids: they can learn how to behave in the wilderness, they ride a horse, they get into the water, they get familiar with the river and the current, so that the adults of tomorrow will defend it.

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About the Project:

Following the route of the proposed gas pipelines from northeastern British Columbia to the Pacific coast, along almost 1000 km from the Peace River Valley to Lelu Island, First Nations and settlers are opposing new developments and are finding new ways to fight for the land and the future. Opposition forms are different and change according to the local situation, but in every camp, in every group, in every occupation of the land, there is one common understanding: respect for nature and aboriginal rights, in search of a sustainable future. In 2016 we spent 4 months along this “corridor of resistance” and found a lot of inspiration.

by Paola Rosà and Antonio Senter