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The time is right for street fighting

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Our comrades from Crete have created a visually stunning video communiqué in solidarity with Egyptian revolutionaries. Folks in Egypt are facing brutal repression by the newly elected government of Mohammed Morsi. Because of this they have called for solidarity actions on April 19th, 2013.

From the Facebook Page:

Call for Solidarity Actions or Protests in front of Egyptian Embassies and Consulates all over the Globe!

Please INVITE your friends! In light of recent events and reports in Egypt of the Egyptian Clerics and Government targeting opposition protests and protesters to freely voice their grievances and the use of strong arm tactics of attacking, demonizing and threats of arrests to activists wanting and demanding social change in their Country… People get murdered by the Government and the Clerics of Egypt. Here is a Directory of foreign embassies and consulates of Egypt World Wide: http://embassy.goabroad.com/embassies-of/egypt We Call for Freedom of our Comrades in Egypt! social net news : https://www.rebelmouse.com/Occupytahrir/ Our Goals with this Events are: * Make public awearness on the topic * Fight against the Warindustry which sell on Egypt Government * Stop the export of US- Teargas Canisters * Coordinate Worldwide Solidarity * Make Media spreading the Information * Stop Media Black Out Because of security we hide the guestlist, but we will tell u how much ppl take part. Thank you!