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The Legendary Battle of San Lázaro #1DMX

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Powerful footage from the streets of Mexico City, in what is to be known as the legendary Battle of San Lázaro. Mexican anarchists and their allies, opposing the incoming president Enrique Pena Nieto, took to the streets to express their resistance to the return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico, the same political party that was in power when the Zapatistas emerged from the jungle in 1994.

Street fighters fought the police with pipes, sticks and a barrage of petrol bombs AKA molotov cocktails. Comrades also sustained heavy injuries, and there were many arrests.

From the youtube description:

“The mobilization kicked off at 4am on December first, for what has become one of the most important days in Mexico’s history. But it’s not important because of the change of president. It was important because society decided to take on a more offensive resistance. The confrontation was imminent and the police (federal and regional) had no mercy, leaving four comrades seriously injured, over 30 people with rubber bullet and tear gas canister injuries. There were also more than one hundred arrests.”