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Public Domain Footage for Radical Filmmakers

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In the past couple of days I’ve been talking to radical filmmakers who are working on a different anarchist projects. We have all agreed on the need to share footage and resources. For the next little bit, I’ll be uploading a lot of my footage from the past two years as public domain for people to use in their films. The repository I’m using is Archive.org’s Open Source Movie collection, which is the repository I’m using to store all subMedia.tv videos.

This is the first chunk of clips of poverty, homelessness, migrant communities and social decay in and around Athens, Greece. Shot with a Canon Rebel DSLR at 1080p 30fps with natural sound. This was around May 2012. Free to use, just credit subMedia.tv. You can preview all the clips on the Archive page, download them individually or get them all via Bit Torrent.

Future uploads will include shots of the Australian outback, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Mexico, North America, Japan and Europe.