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Portland: Antifa Oppose Alt-Right Rally

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On June 4th anti-fascists in Portland stood against hate and opposed a rally by far right group ‘Patriot Prayer’. The group, run by Joey Gibson, welcomes white supremacists and neo-nazis into their events which are disguised to appear as celebrations of “free speech” or support for President Trump.
This event on June 4th was attended by several openly racist groups including the ‘Traditional Workers Party’, a group that recently announced an alliance with the neo-nazi group ‘National Socialist Movement’.

Police collaborated with racist militias to make arrests and ended the day by attacking the anti-hate crowd with explosives, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and pepper-ball rounds. After forcing the crowd into a march away from the attack they surrounded hundreds of people, including several journalists from various media outlets and innocent bystanders, and made everybody leave one at a time after showing their identification.

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via Daniel V. Media