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Pagan Anti-Fascist Action

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Heathens United Against Racism (HUAR) might be a group that you’ve never heard of unless you travel in Heathen and Pagan spiritual circles. While the group may not be well known, since they formed in the wake of the Occupy movement, they’ve had a big impact on their wider community. In short, the group is response for drawing a hard and clear line against white nationalist, Alt-Right, and racist entryism into pagan, heathen, and earth based spiritual communities largely dominated by white people.

In this interview, we trace the group’s origins and how they went about pushing back against white nationalist groups and ideas that in many ways were for a time, accepted and given a free pass. In this interview we talk about Declaration 127which was a document signed by 170 organization across almost 20 countries that came together to denounce white nationalist paganism and the Asatru Folk Assembly in particular.

We also discuss and critique the concept of whiteness as a social category, white nationalism, and ‘white spirituality’ in general with an eye towards history.

More Info: Heathens United Against Racism and Declaration 127

Music: Wolf Down

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